About us

Since 1893, Capo Industries Ltd. has been involved in the formulation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of specialty chemicals throughout the United States and Canada.

Today, our product lines include swimming pool and spa chemicals, automotive chemicals, household cleaners, lawn and garden products and leather dressings. Capo is situated in Burlington, Ontario with an 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The finished goods are warehoused in Vancouver, Burlington and throughout the U.S.

One of Capo’s major strengths is in the contract packaging of private brand liquid and powder based products.

Capo has qualified for the ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Standard. Recognized world wide in over 74 countries, registration to the ISO 9001 means our business has established a comprehensive system to ensure quality. In order to achieve registration, the business had to prove that it had implemented a thoroughly documented quality system that met the 16 elements defined in the standard. Among those elements are management responsibility, corrective and preventative action, and internal quality auditing.

Capo Industries